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Corey S. Rouch Suicide Prevention Foundation


Corey Stephen Rouch Suicide Prevention


     On June 29, 1980, just 3 days after my 6th birthday, my baby brother was born. I remember my mom calling me to tell me happy birthday and that she was sorry my present was late. You see, I told her all I wanted for my birthday was my baby brother.  My sister an I were the happiest little girls in the world because we had our very own real life baby doll.  I remember not wanting to let my mom do anything for him, I wanted to change all the diapers, change his clothes, give him baths, everything.  He had beautiful blonde hair with little curls so of course we used to put pretty ribbons and bows in his hair when he was a baby. We grew up very close and were mostly inseparable and that continued until we were adults, we even lived together.  Our bond was so strong that our friends used to tease us on how freaky it was, we were like twins he was me only younger and male.  It was to the extent that we did not even have to really communicate with words, all we had to do was look at each other and know EXACTLY what the other was thinking. 
    On October 6, 2003 my entire world came to a screeching halt when my 23 year old brother took his own life. On that day my heart and soul died with him, I know that I will NEVER be the person I was before.  I started this foundation in an attempt to raise awareness of suicide so maybe, just maybe I can prevent another family from having to live with the destruction suicide leaves behind.  Loosing someone you love in death is the worst thing someone can live thru, loosing someone to suicide compounds not only overwhelming grief and sadness of loosing someone you love, but there is also guilt and anguish over what you did that caused them to take thier own life.

    It is our goal to raise funds to donate to suicide prevention, non profits such as the National Suicide Hotline, Suicide Prevention for Vets and others dedicated to suicide prevention and awareness.
In loving memory of Corey Stephen Rouch June 29, 1980 - October 6, 2003
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